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Paper too short

More than 70 percent of German citizens are satisfied with Angie. With Guido Westerwelle 39. With Oskar Lafontaine 19. Helmut of Focus magazine likes Angie. A lot. That’s why Focus calculates 71 divided by 19 as 6.7 and not 3.7. The 19 of Oskar is 1 cm from the bottom line. If drawn correctly, Angie’s 71 percent would have been at 3.7 cm of the scale. They are not. They are at 6.7 cm. Exaggeration factor 1.8. Nearly double wrong. If the paper is too short, you can scale down. You must not chop.

This is Angie - Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany. This is Guido Westerwelle, leader of the German party FDP (Free Democratic Party). This is Kurt Beck, leader of the German party SPD (Social Democratic Party). This is Erwin Huber, leader of the German party CSU (Christian Social Union). This is Oskar Lafontaine, leader of the German party Die Linke (Left Party).

Angie, Guido, Kurt, Erwin, and Oskar
Source: Focus 20/2008, May 10th, 2008, p. 16.

I prefer that over Sudoku: Take any newspaper and estimate the exaggeration, then measure it.

The labels are odd, too. Guido is not labeled. Kurt is labeled Guido. Erwin is labeled Oskar. Oskar is labeled Erwin. (Hover over the portraits to see who’s who.)

I am going to ask Focus what they think they are doing. Dear Focus, what do you think you are doing?