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Pizza St Martin

He already railed against pies. So did I. With a lot of good reasons. Labels difficult. Area comparisons difficult. And so on. Actually, a pity. Because pie-charts state clearly: That’s all you can share. A Pie-chart claims: I am hundred percent. But you seldom know these.

Great, if a pie-chart does the job after all. Like here. Because it’s a pizza.

How to divide a pizza fair. - Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung, No. 21, 2010-01-27, Page 16.
Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung, No. 21, 2010-01-27, Page 16. Different ways to share a pizza – green is a fair share, red is unfair. Click to enlarge.

The pizza looks like a chart. But it’s not. The pizza has no topping. Salami, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese: unimportant. Pizza as close to reality as possible. But no closer. And if you divide a pizza (if I was to slow), you really have to estimate areas.

Who has got pizza, paints pizza. Who has got numbers, shouldn’t paint.