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The colored cars again. Did you notice? The values weren’t just tangled up. But incorrectly scaled as well. Brown increased the most. Wasn’t noticeable. Because: The values are so different. Brown is small. Gray is big. This calls for a logarithm. Of course.

New car registrations by color, spaghetti diagram, scaled logarithmically

Better, but muddled. Lay it again, Sam? Like last time? You bet. You can tile logarithmically as well. And comparatively. Then it looks like this.

New car registrations by color, Small Multiples, scaled logarithmically and comparatively

Drawback: You lose the level. Brown is growing strongly, but at a low level. Unfortunately: You can’t get good legibility, correct scale, display of level, and correct dynamics in one chart. A good solution time and time again then: Level with bars, dynamics with columns.

New car registrations by color, Graphical Table with sparklines