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Toby has drawn the world. As a village. Among others like that.


Funy. The village is a zebra. More black than white. Black is not always black. Black is non-white.

Toby has more funny ideas.

Auswahl Toby NG

Source: Toby NG Design, The World of 100. Idea of the village: Donella; current numbers from the village:

Queer: One hundred people are a zebra and a kangaroo, a banana, a pizza, glasses, a mac-mouse, clouds, a cigarette, a hat.

Even queerer: Gay and lesbian is at the bottom of the banana. Being hungry is a half eaten pizza. Not being able to read is a broken lens. Having no computer is a computer-mouse. Having water is a cloud. Same with having no water. Breathing in a healthy way is a cigarette. Breathing in an unhealthy way is the ash of the cigarette. Having an education is a hat.

Many people like that a lot. Toby received five awards for the design.

Completely queer: It is about one hundred people. You don’t see any of them. But it works. Why? Have an unsharped look on the zebra above. I see it like that.

Auswahl Toby NG

Only the numbers. And the headline. 70 and 30. That is 100. Therefore the village. Above all the graphic tells us: have a look at the numbers.

Queer can be good.