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Compare! Says the EU.

I’m in France. The water bill has a chart. The chart is all right. Consumption is displayed compared to the years before. The EU wants it that way since May 2008 (Directive 2006/32/EG, PDF). Already in 2006 the EU said: The energy companies have to bill in an “informative way”. The real prices have to be displayed. And the real energy consumption. Also “Comparisons of the final customer’s current energy consumption with consumption for the same period in the previous year, preferably in graphic form” are needed.

Evolution de votre facturation en m3
Source: mine

So what’s the conclusion for a European dog?

  1. If you like your customers you give them the possibility to compare by themselves. Before the EU tells you to do so. Customers like that. Even when they recognize that they have consumed more.
  2. In times of crisis the government feels strong. It will dictate many regulations: who shows whom what to do and how to do it. I still don’t believe the state is a better manager. Nor that the state is a good graphic designer. So, a smart dog takes matters into her own hands.