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I have been on vacation. Where lemons grow. On the tree. One was sick.

Source: Gerd’s lemon, my picture.

I wanted to help. With a medicine for lemons. Not so easy. Have a look.

Quelle: Cyperfor S, my picture.

There is a warning for M, A, M, J, J. In orange. No, wrong. Orange means: optimal. I see. And what does the orange frame mean? For J, F, O, N and D? Less orange, less optimal? And what is with A and S? Because, right now we have A. I think, they want to say: always.

On vacation it is expensive to use the mobile. Especially when roaming is turned on. You better turn it off. Not so easy. Have a look.

Source: a mobile from South Korea, my picture.

Check mark on roaming. Ouch …. falling for it! Grey check mark means off. Green check mark means on. Were there only check marks available when they designed it?

On the way back I had to go somewhere. Not so easy. Have a look.

Source: Service Area Coldrerio, Ticino, my picture.

You need acuate paws. I don’t have that. Or glasses. So that you can read: You have to pull the ring with long paws.

I have tried it once again at home. There it hasn’t been easy either. Have a look.

Source: Steakhouse, my picture.

Before you wash the paws, you have to read the instruction.

I decided to go on a walk. That was easy. Have a look.

Source: City of Nuremberg, my picture.