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Tart-ure I

Drawing pie charts often goes wrong. He thinks so too and has gathered a few bad examples. There was a new type in the German newspaper “Die Welt”. Have a look.

Source: “Die Welt”, 2012-04-25.

One year GDP is a pie. If you don’t own it any more, it is black. As black as growth. Or unemployed. Or more expensive. But not so big: to have outstanding debts of 85% is the same as making more debts of 5 %. In France. If you owe more than one year GDB, you get a cake with it. In Italy. Puzzled? Me too.

Source: also there.

In Portugal, shrinking is white. Debt plus unemployment is a duck. In Greece, there is even more debt and even more unemployed is Pacman. Europe is funny.