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Tart-ure II

The German newspaper “Die Welt” has baked again: circle pies. Have a look.

So heizen die Deutschen: Gas, Öl, Fernwärme, Strom, Kohle; in Prozent. Quelle: Die Welt, 17.09.2012, Seite 13.
Source: Die Welt, 2012-09-17, page 13.

I cut a pizza like the gas pie. Everybody wanted to have the blue piece. Okay for me. That’s why:

So rechnet man mit Weltkreisorten

I went to Renato. To get a pizza. Here is how I wanted him to cut it.

So sieht eine Welttorte ungeteilt aus

Are you getting cute with me now? He said. Oh.

So habe ich dann gekuckt