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Boulean logic

We are on vacation in France. In France they play Boule. With the neighbor’s dog I bet on the outcome. I watched five throws from each of them and measured.

Me playing Boule

I heeded his advice. And sketched the entire distribution. Not only the mean values. This is how close the boules landed to the Cochon. In centimeter.

With the naked eye I can see now:

He made the very best throw of all. One swallow? A summer?

Happy made some respectable throws. But also the worst one. Could be a one-time outlier. Or a hint that his performance is not solid.

Hannes and Bimpfi are close to each other. So are he and Baui. Hm. That’s still not what I was looking for.

Bauis throws spread less than his do. And the averages differ only by 1 centimeter. Therefore Baui comes in third place, instead of fourth.

Bimpfi’s performance is solid, with a moderate spread. Hannes beats them all: His average and spread are the lowest.

I bet on Hannes. He won.