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Outliers may lie

The German magazine “Der Spiegel” shows: everywhere in Germany, it is dangerous to go swimming. Water poor. Lots of dots on a map. 15 red. 36 black. Ughhhh! While I like swimming so much. I turned the page.

Wasser - marsch! Quelle: Der Spiegel, 26.05.2012, Seite 18.
Source: The German magazine “Der Spiegel”, 2012-05-26, page 18.

Stop. I go back. What? The “Spiegel” says: “On sunny days … only tiptoes in the water … minor water quality … worsened …”. Then, last line: „at 2259 swimming areas … splash without any worries“. Fine! Where I like swimming so much. Let me get my calculator. At 0,6 percent of all swimming areas*, it is not so good.

Clever, the magazine “Der Spiegel”: One’s own fault who doesn’t read until the end. And doesn’t see the tiny blue dots on the map.

For people who don’t want to drown graphically: Show, how it is. Outliers are, as it always is: rarely, sometimes, here and there. But not everywhere. It is possible to show outliers, when you also show, what doesn’t lie out.

*15 of (2259+15+36) = 0,6 percent.