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Row salad

The German newspaper “Handelsblatt” likes double rows. Lots of data is shown for every share of the DAX. And a colorful logo. The data doesn’t fit in one row. Therefore the “Handelsblatt” uses two of them. And writes below each other what should be next to each other.

Dax 30, 06.12.2012 - adidas, Allianz, BASF, Bayer, Beiersdorf, BMW. Quelle: Handelsblatt, 07.12.2012, Seite 41.
Source: Handelsblatt, 2012-12-07, page 41. Click to enlarge.

Numbers to be compared shall be written one below the other. Then everything is easier to understand. Here shares shall be compared. Does not work. Because the numbers, that are written one below the other, always show another aspect of the same share. Below the daily change of adidas is not the daily change of Allianz. Instead adidas again, but this time previous year. And below the annual change of adidas there is indeed Allianz. But not previous year, but previous day. For comparison it is necessary to mentally skip one row. You’d rather like to think about numbers!

Dax 30, 06.12.2012 - Deutsche Börse, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, Fresenius Medical Care, Fresenius. Quelle: Handelsblatt, 07.12.2012, Seite 41.

And have a look at the bars: the previous days have one scale. And the previous years have another scale. Therefore the 1.96 of “Deutsche Post” is longer than its 38.09. Hm. And the -0.49 of Deutsche Telekom is as long as its -3.21. Only redder. Well…