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Changing change

It is funny with the cash box of the TeamBank. This year there are 123.628 euro. And 61 cents. Last year there was only 53. I was puzzled. And then learned: left side euro, right side thousand euro. I don’t like it. Left side precisely. Right side roughly. And both different. Doesn’t help. Does only distract. Particularly here: the longer number is often the smaller one. For example the cash reserve. Look, how long do you need to understand it?

Jahresbilanz zum 31. Dezember 2010 der TeamBank AG, Nürnberg - Aktivseite. Quelle: Geschäftsbericht 2010 der TeamBank AG, Seite 76.
Source: Annual report 2010 of the TeamBank AG (PDF), page 76. Click to enlarge.