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Share not shared

The German Sunday newspaper „Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung“ knows about the members of all religions. Back in 1900. Today. Between. Have a look.

Marktanteile der Religionen - Mitgliederentwicklung von 1900 bis 2012. Quelle: FASZ, 10.03.2013, Seite 22.
Source: FASZ, 2013-03-10, page 22.

Market share is written above the graphic. Share. But the graphic shows absolute numbers. One on top of the other. Did you realize it? Christians lose share. A little. Muslims win share. A lot. Other lose share. A whole lot.

Better show shares in a different way. For example like this. As a small multiple.

Marktanteile der Religionen als Small Multiple. Redesign: ich.
Redesign: me. No interim values. Scaled comparably.

Now you find in the graphic what is written above the graphic.