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Map trap

Maps and values is difficult. Doing it carelessly, it is getting too difficult.

Arbeitslosenquote im März 2012. - Quelle: Die Welt, 30.03.2012, Seite 10.
Source: “Die Welt”, 2012-03-30, page 10.

Look at the numbers: once in the column, another time above. Look at the gap between column and number: sometimes the same, sometimes different, sometimes by accident. Look at the time: 2012 left, 2011 right, backwards. Read it and try to make head or tail of it. That takes time. A bouncing castle for eyes. Back and forth. Up and down. Look at the map: South is good. West is almost good. East is not so good. This can be seen in a good way. In a map.

For the numbers better this way:

Arbeitslosenquote im März 2012 als Grafische Tabelle. Von mir.
Graphic Table. By me.

For numbers and maps, maybe like this:

Arbeitslosenquote im März 2012 als Grafische Tabelle und mit Landkarte. Von mir.
Graphic Table. And map. Both by me.