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OLAP - a 10 year workaround?

Dr. Nicolas Bissantz has been designing analytical applications for more than twelve years; he is the founder and CEO of Bissantz & Company. His partner, Dipl.-Inf. Michael Westphal has been developing his first OLAP application in 1993. Neither the term nor any commercial OLAP product where available at that time. Michael Westphal heads the consulting department at Bissantz & Company; his daily business is modelling sophisticated relational and OLAP applications. Dipl.-Inf. Guido Schrage is the head of development at Bissantz & Company. He designs and implements standard software for OLAP applications.

Much has happened in the past ten years in the OLAP environment. Read about multiple dimensions, virtual hierarchies, MDX statements and planning applications in this discussion. (German only)