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Bissantz Bixel

Our References

Enthusiastic customers!

Theory and practice are often far apart. What sounds promising and conclusive in theory often ends up as a complete waste of effort. DeltaMaster performs well in theory and practice. Of course, anyone can claim this from his solution.

That is why we prefer to let our customers have their word. After all, they have the solution in use every day and can report exactly how DeltaMaster meets the industry- and function-specific requirements.

Interviews with our customers

VELUX Mergenhagen Interview

DeltaMaster has been in use at VELUX for years, with a focus on technical customer service. With DeltaMaster, this not only analyses financial figures, but also performance quantities, throughput times and process quality.

Buerkert Jungmann Interview

DeltaMaster has been in use at Bürkert company-wide for eight years. In addition to controlling in sales, purchasing and finance, pricing is also one of DeltaMaster’s main areas of application.

Linxens Stuewe Interview

Linxens uses DeltaMaster for comprehensive financial reporting, from cost centre analysis to profitability analysis. DeltaMaster is also used in sales, production and purchasing.

DeltaMaster convinces in practice – our customers report