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One softwarefor all industries

Every industry has its own special features. Just as special are the analytical questions to which companies need quick and easy answers. Our consulting team brings not only exceptional IT expertise, but also years of experience in numerous industries. In addition, we work with specialized partner companies in some industries. With this expertise, we create solutions that are precisely aligned with the industry-specific requirements of our customers.

What is always fascinating for us is that DeltaMaster as a universal tool for planning, analysis and reporting proves itself in all industries and functions.

For example, business intelligence solutions with DeltaMaster are available in these industries, among others: Automotive, Construction & Home Improvement, Government/Public Administration, Chemicals, Services, Energy, Financial Services, Beverages, Basic Materials, Retail, IT, Real Estate, Industry, Consumer Goods, Hospitals, Logistics & Transportation, Media/Publishers, Medical Labs, Food, Non-Profit, Pharma, Recycling, Textile.

As examples, we present some industries and show what Business Intelligence can achieve.


Manufacturers, suppliers and dealers work with DeltaMaster in central functional areas, from global sales reporting and volume planning, to customer service and spare parts business, to overarching tasks in corporate structures such as IT service and cost management and project control.

Construction and DIY

Large product ranges, multi-layered customer structures in the retail and trade sectors, and the changes brought about by e-commerce are shaping business in the so-called construction and DIY market. Leading providers also rely on do-it-yourself in business intelligence – by choosing DeltaMaster, a solution that they can maintain and develop themselves, without armies of consultants.

Chemie und Pharma

Bissantz understands the sensor data from the IoT data servers, which process measurement and status values from the various bus systems in their respective data standards and generate messages and alarms. Our software takes care of the analytical enrichment of this data, its signaling and a management-ready root cause analysis.

Service provider

The path to the service society is best taken with good data. Typical for companies in the tertiary sector is the high share of personnel costs and the importance of non-monetary key figures such as performance, capacity, utilization. With DeltaMaster, controlling becomes an internal service provider that delights its “customers”. For tax consultants and auditors we offer a standardized solution based on Datev-EO (self-organization).

Energy and basic materials

In the primary sector, the focus is on technical processes. Quantities, qualities, yields are to be analyzed. Particular attention is paid to the interfaces to the downstream stages of the value chain. The range is wide, from purely technical operations in global processes to brand suppliers with retail or end-user business. In DeltaMaster, they all find a solution that can be used along the entire value chain.

Financial services provider

Anyone who has to manage not only their own finances, but also those of others, is used to dealing seriously with numbers – and feels understood by DeltaMaster. Banks and insurance companies, with their abstract and increasingly comparable products, are alert to what is happening on the customer side and pay attention to their service. DeltaMaster is equipped for all these tasks and many more.


More and more applications – more and more data: Retailers face the challenge of using supply chain data, online customer data, point-of-sale (POS) information, receipt data, and other sources to fuel their business without getting lost in the flood of data.

Real Estate

The digital transformation of the real estate and housing industry has begun. In order to intelligently evaluate the abundance of available data and to control decisive key figures, DeltaMaster provides the necessary transparency.


Industrial manufacturers are establishing central key performance indicator systems that map the entire value chain and provide key performance indicators that can be influenced for each area of responsibility. If, for example, there is a change in the level of service or adherence to delivery dates, the causes can be traced back in detail across all stages and levels of the value chain. DeltaMaster helps to better understand the processes.


Sometimes the cobbler wears the best shoes. Software manufacturers, IT service providers and system houses expand their service portfolio with DeltaMaster to include business intelligence – or use DeltaMaster for their own planning, analysis and reporting applications. With our partner program, we offer them optimal conditions.


As for any company, the economic principle also applies to hospitals – but not only: At the same time, evidence-based and patient-centered care must be ensured. Hospitals must be managed according to medical and economic requirements in order to remain marketable. DeltaMaster shows when and where action must be taken.

Consumer Goods

Contribution margins, sales figures and market shares are among the central key figures in the management of companies in the consumer goods industry. The integration of external market data invites advanced analyses and benchmarks. Often, the target group of business intelligence projects is the sales force, which has different requirements for planning, analysis and reporting than, for example, purchasing, finance or management. DeltaMaster caters to them all.


Whether people or goods, in the air or at sea, on the road or by rail: the industry moves and connects. Freight forwarders and airlines, ports and airports and other service providers use DeltaMaster to move and connect their data and make it available as management information, also as an app on the smartphone – at the right time, at the right place, in the right quantity and quality, as they say in this profession.


Newspapers and publishers know what digitization means. Established business areas such as the marketing of subscriptions and advertisements as well as direct sales are under pressure and must be well managed. The rapid development of online media demands and enables new business models and revenue sources that expand the scope of controlling. DeltaMaster is widely used in the industry, and once a year we even organize our own industry meeting for media houses and service providers.


The high level of concentration in the German food retail sector means that competition is intense and prices are low. Efficiency is required in production and a clear view of the market in sales to be able to react quickly to changes in consumer behavior – and to the competition. The starting position is good, data is available, with DeltaMaster you make it accessible, in all areas of the company.


Fashion keeps the textile and apparel industry on its toes, and retailers as well. In Business Intelligence we advise: less fashion, more method! What is good for planning, analysis and reporting does not change every season. With DeltaMaster, fashion houses and manufacturers opt for efficiency and flexibility through proven standards – and for a timelessly elegant presentation that sets standards.


Especially when the “stakeholders” are not the “shareholders” alone, responsible business practices are a must. This applies to municipalities, state and federal authorities and their subsidiaries and affiliates as well as to social institutions, churches and aid organizations. With DeltaMaster, they have professional business intelligence software at their disposal, which they can use even without the IT budgets of industry.

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